Explore the jungle with StartAR General Knowledge-2

StartAR General Knowledge-2 contains birds, means of transport, insects and wild animals. It helps kids to make a perception and develop recognition skills and develop an all round knowledge of the objects seen in the book, with the help of StartAR mobile application.


Goose, Falcon, Ostrich, Humming Bird, Owl, Eagle, Rooster, Penguin, Seagull and Sparrow.

Means of transport

Airplane, Helicopter, Auto Rickshaw, Motorcycle, Horse Cart, Cycle, Train, Yacht, Car, Truck and Bus


Grasshopper, Honey Bee, Cockroach, Dragonfly, Mosquito, Butterfly, Ant and Fly.

Wild Animals

Tiger, Giraffe, Bear, Chimpanzee, Deer, Bison, Zebra and Lion.

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