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Top Books for Early Learning

Written by Sumedha Chattree
Posted on - 5 min read

Parenting is challenging these days as it requires proper up-to-date information of new books aiming for a brighter future for your kid & provide early development. In order to keep up with the ongoing launching of new books & methodologies focusing early education of your child. It’s tough to keep track & have a balanced, smart early learning experience.

For getting a deeper knowledge of products & their features here is a guide for your ease :

1. StartAR SmartBooks

StartAR Smartbook representing 3D moving bird
Demonstration of Eagle in StartAR Smartbook.

This Smartbook for early learners is a great aid as it has an integrated AR technology feature. With this, your child will not only be restricted to traditional learning but also have a blend of modern technology making them future-ready & smarter. It has curriculum-wise content with 3D animation visuals & sounds. With each element, on-screen in real-time will expand your child’s imagination power as your child learns about it. It gives an immersive experience to your child opening gates to creative thinking. During the early learning phase, a child is full of curiosity, with StartAR Smartbooks your child can get engaged with numerous knowledgeable content. As each content is short & sweet, it will be easy on the eyes as well.

StartAR smartbook: animal
StartAR tiger walking.

From English & Hindi alphabets to counting, rhymes along with an animals guide will boost your child’s development in all the fields. All the subjects/topics on one platform are the highlights of the product. You can be tension-free in regards to a perfect early learning experience for your child with StartAR Smartbooks.

2. Igloo Books First Time Learning Early Maths

Early Maths Igloo Book

This product provides workbooks for early skills to grab. It helps in boosting your child’s confidence & falling in love with math. From the very basics of math to a genius at an early age is possible with this books help. It will improve the mental ability skills, promoting quick solving of questions with tricks.


Little Librarian book set.

To make your child aware of the world, this collection is just what you are looking for. From introducing them to alphabets or numbers to exploring animals & flowers. Furthermore, shapes & vehicles are also part of the set giving a proper guide to the early learning phase of your child. This will help in the development of creativity.

4. Early Learning Picture Book Set for Indian Preschoolers

Early Learning Picture Book for Indian preschoolers.

This book set teaches your child about Breakfasts of India & New Years of India. With a see-through to all the new year festivals of different religions, it will give them a culture-rich experience. Finding all types of cuisines across India will develop an understanding of the geographical orientations of cities all over India. This product will also teach your kid about diversity & respect for various religions out there. Here’s the link to the product.

5. Writing Practice Boxset: Pack of 4 Books

Writing Practice Book Set.

Learning to start writing at an early age is very important as a child’s mind is the sharpest & molds & learns whatever form of writing taught, with ease. It’s easier to adapt the skills quickly during the early learning phase. Practicing writing will help in a good speed in writing & your child would always be among the first ones to complete in class & be ahead always. We all know, reading & writing at the same time boost mental power and sharpens memory. With this product, your child could practice small & capital letters to numbers & patterns.

6. Picture Books Collection for Early Learning

Picture book collection for early learning.

This picture book set focuses on early learning & provides aids of pictures for teaching. Pictures create a photographic memory in your child helping them to remember for a longer time. Each element would be learned with much more clarity with the help of graphical representations. This product will enhance your child’s visual memory to a certain level.

Here’s the product link.

7. Little Honds Books Science PlayBook

Little Honds Science PlayBook.

Science being a key aspect of education & daily life around you, missing out on such an element in the early learning phase wouldn’t be feasible. From throwing a ball to the functioning of a television everything has science behind it, and these being the most attractive elements while a child’s growing up stage it makes your child curious to know answers. In order to encourage finding solutions to these, early education is just the time to begin.

Here’s the product link.

Conclusion :-

In order to get a better picture of which books are necessary and a must-have for your child’s early learning. This guide would have given you a better idea.

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