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Use of Augmented Reality(AR) in Education

Written by Sumedha Chattree
Posted on - 5 min read

What is Augmented Reality(AR) ?

We have all seen Lenskart ads offering the user to try thousands of designs within a few seconds online. Have you ever wondered what’s behind this creativity? Or, for instance, the craze of 2016 for every child, Pokemon Go that made Pokemons appear in front of you on your phone screens around your real-world seemed more like Magic to eyes. All this is AR for you! Making imaginations turn to reality!

 It also acts as a helping aid, for example, suppose you’re out at a grocery store in some other country and all the products are in their native language. Could you imagine the trouble you have to go through in order to understand the name of the products around you? Google Translate using AR technology solves that for you! With a simple smartphone camera, it can help you listen & read out the texts on products in the language you understand.

How does it work ?

Kid enjoying StartAR.

This technology connects the real world with computerized graphics for a better understanding. Using a simple smartphone camera one can explore all the possible far away things around you. In education, books are taken as reference and the diagrams are explained with 3D animations & sounds. It enriches a 2D diagram to increase visualization power.

How AR helps in education ?

Zebra Illustration.

Instead of understanding a certain concept with explanation, you can experience its working in any surrounding. From a 3D-heart diagram or any of the biology components to understanding parts of a welding machine, AR technology covers it all. For kids, it enhances the imagination & thinking power by showing all kinds of creatures that exist around the world. Imagine your children seeing a real-world Chimpanzee being at your home at the same time while they are studying about it in their kid’s book, isn’t it’s fascinating?

AR at home

StartAR Book Preview.

With Augmented Reality, your child can learn concepts with excitement & meaningful screentime. By using just a book & smartphone combination it opens up many doors of their imaginations. It enhances their creativity & concentration power. As with less distraction from the surrounding, the children go into an imaginative world of their own! Giving an immersive experience to your child brings out their brightest side.

All the concepts can be easily explained to your child without any assistance or guidance by an instructor. It brings smart class to your home. It reduces your efforts of explaining them & improves their visualization skills.

Covid made studying difficult for kids. From going to school, early learning & exploring new things at an early age to being constricted at home and understanding the concepts. Grasping & catching up can be really tough. With no increment in creativity & thinking power studying could be really boring. In order to avoid that StartAR Smartbooks give your kids an amazing learning experience using picture books. If you wish your child to be future-ready order now!

AR at classrooms

StartAR Book Demonstration at Classroom.

Even though today’s schools are equipped with Smartboards, they are not used on a regular basis because of various factors. As its usage is not that simple not all teachers prefer it as a teaching model. StartAR Smartbooks can make early learning fun. It provides balanced learning to all the children. With less to no technical training, all the teachers can easily use this for giving children a better learning experience, explaining each concept in more depth & clearing the doubts with real-world examples & aid can help in a more enhanced understanding of concepts with picture books.

While not all kids are fully attentive in class, as they don’t feel excited enough while studying. Using StartAR Smartbooks will boost interest in all the kids from the studious to the curious ones.

Adding to all of this, we know not all the schools could afford smartboards in their classrooms as it adds to their expense. Equipping schools with StartAR Smartbooks is cost-effective & a user-friendly interface. All teachers would be able to use it as it requires just using a smartphone/tablet. Moreover, it will build a better connection with teachers and students as it provides a perfect blend of traditional learning & technology.

StartAR promotes Creative Learning.

Here’s the link to the product.

Conclusion :-

AR is helpful and will revolutionize the way we teach and learn in the coming future. From kids to graduates, it will affect everyone and create a positive impact.AR helps us analyze, visualize and understand better. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a greater, brighter experience for your child.

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