Best books for preschool kids

Written by Rahul Bhardwaj
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Best Books for PreSchool Kids help in keeping Playschool Kids engaged and motivated also reduce challenges, even for the parents and the best teacher. But even the best book still needs some variety once in a while to make learning fun for preschool kids. It’s Important for the teachers and parents to create some good strategies that create interest and effective fun making learning for kids. As we know our PM “Narender Modi” is promoting “Digital India” so this is a very interesting way to promote this program for the kids. We can use Smart books for kids so that we can create some interest and make the learning easier for students.

What is a Smart book?

StartAR is a Smart book for preschool Students or best books for kids because kids love Digital. So this is the medium in which they can learn from Smart Book with the simple Application (App). StartAR includes learning languages like English & Hindi , General Knowledge, Counting and many more things (click to read all books).Make language and culture come alive through the viewing and creation of audio and video instruction with the help of StartAR App.

Why StartAR Books are Best books for preschool kids?

StartAR is a bridge of connecting kids with the real life objects which is useful thing for students for easier learning . This Smart book will help students to learn with 3D objects and with interactive sounds.

Features of Smart book StartAR :

1. 3D Objects

Students today are different. Virtual Learning is an effort to make learning more effective, relevant for playschool students who is technology-saturated kids. With StartAR kids will see the live objects which is really effective learning way for them and it will make them creative and Smart.

2. Interactive Sounds

Interactive sound is really good medium of creating interest among the kids for real objects or animals for example with the help of animal sound they can learn the sound of any animal easily because they interact with the animal with sound it will helpful in remembering the sounds.

3. Magical Animation

Animation is the movement of the objects which create interest among the students Because it makes study easier and help in remembering loves games and interactive things like Video Games, cartoon so this Smart book and StartAR App will help them to learn things easily.

You can download the startAR App and checkout demo (click here)

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