When child is scared

Written by Sumedha Chattree
Posted on - 5 min read

The early age of toddlers is very uncertain & a lot of changes take place in their growing-up phase. When child is scared and filled with questions to explore, they are unable to express their feelings & thoughts. In such a time, it’s hard to understand the complexities of a child’s mind. In order to understand them better, it’s important to have a deep knowledge of the signs that they show under fear or anxiety along with having an idea about what all things might get to them. 

Here’s a guide for your help:

1. Confusion between the fantasy world & real-world make your child scared

As toddlers, they feel everything they see on television turn into reality & have it. But not all things we watch on screen could be brought into real life. This makes your kid sad & disheartened. It makes them feel bluffed & they fail to believe easily. This feeling makes your child scared.

A way to cope with this is:

  • Introduce them to StartAR Smartbooks. One simple solution to many problems. These books help your child, see 3D animations & visuals and make them believe & observe everything in reality in front of them. From watching polar bears to dream cars & toys everything can be brought to reality in front of your child with StartAR Smartbooks. It improves their visual memory & imagination powers as well.
Child enjoying learning from StartAR Smartbook.

2. Detachment from their loved ones

Child away from parents.

As kids, one of the most common fear is staying away from their loved ones. Getting along with stranger gets tough for them, a room full of new faces intimidate them. 

In order to make them feel comfortable:

  • You should talk to them even if you’re at a distance doing some work, the sound of you around relaxing them.
  • When many people are around meeting your child, you should keep your child near you and then make them meet people. Instead of handing over to people who may seem new, strange faces to them and make them nervous.

3. Falling around & getting hurt makes your child scared of that place

When a child falls down.

As toddlers, they just start learning & exploring new things & so they are not well aware of the size and space around them. This in turn leads to slight tumbles & falls here & there. Such an incident might bring fear in them about that object/place. Be it stairs, beds, banging their heads on objects around, and many more. All of this starts building a lack of confidence in them, making them scared to try new things. They are mostly dull or cry being around those objects.

In such a situation, as a parent, 

  • You should be with them around places where they often fall. 
  • Make them feel confident that you are there for holding & helping them as they walk/crawl through.
  • When they fall, create an atmosphere around which makes them feel it’s common and normal to fall around.
  • Avoid being around that place/ object to make them feel secure.

4. Fear of Darkness & Ghosts

A child being scared of darkness & ghosts.

At an early age, kids often feel scared of being left alone in a dark room. It reminds them of monsters & ghosts that they see in cartoons. This may lead to bedwetting, leading to a major lack of confidence & shyness in your child. It makes them feel ashamed.

In order to deal with such a situation:

  • As parents, you should acknowledge their fear of darkness & try keeping the lights open at night time. 
  • If they feel scared of monsters or have scary dreams waking them up, reassure them that things are fine around you, you are there with them & it was just a dream.
  • Holding their hands at an early age while sleeping or being near them, gives them confidence & a feeling of safety.

5. Fear of Animals

fear of animals

At an early age being around animals might seem scary. Seeing a giant creature near them can make them feel insecure. This may lead to staying alone and not going out often.

In order to cope with such a scenario:

  • As parents, we should try to make friendly gestures with the animals around us.
  • Make our children feel they are harmless creatures and would instead shower love and warmth on you.


Parenting is always tough, there are no rights or wrongs to it. You learn in the due process what suits best for your child. But we can always ease it up, being aware of the things that might scare your child or what reaction indicates fear. 

Keep your child as engaged in activities as possible. That’ll help them increase their skills. 

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