Our Story: Harnessing Education 4.0 for Inclusive Education with Fun & Interactive AR Books

How it started

Imagine a child who struggles with traditional learning methods, eyes lighting up with wonder as they watch numbers start dancing and images come alive on the page through our AR books. That’s the magic of Education 4.0.

Many children or students struggle academically. The problem of diverse learning methods, unequal opportunities, and even some kids struggle to learn because it’s not always easy or fair for everyone.

There are specific challenges when it comes to learning for children with atypical characteristics, such as those diagnosed with autism and ADHD. These children may face additional difficulties with concentration, social interaction, and communication, which can affect their academic progress and overall development.

We found a key to this complex problem when we started an experiment at our office while testing the potential of Augmented Reality technology back in 2016. We felt that this technology could be used to demonstrate complex objects.

Our interactive AR books, based on the principles of Education 4.0, became the bridge to fill the gap in education and learning and promote equal and inclusive education. Through them, learning becomes a multi-sensory adventure, catering to diverse learning styles and abilities. Struggling readers hear words whispered by animated characters, visual learners see abstract concepts unfold in augmented reality, and kinesthetic learners interact with virtual worlds, transforming learning from passive to active.

This is Education 4.0 in action: personalised, engaging, and accessible to all. We’re not just building AR books; we’re building a future where every child, regardless of background or learning style, can experience the joy and inclusivity of education.

This fuels our innovative team, making us the best-augmented reality book publishing company in India.

Join us on this journey.

Startar smart learning platform - best augmented reality book for kids
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Startar smart learning platform - best augmented reality book for kids
startar best early education app for kids


We are a small team with big goals. Our goals are to innovate the way we educate and make education fun. We are a team of engineers, designers, marketers, thinkers and doers. Our diversity sets us apart from others. From planning to execution, we do it all in-house.

startar founders


Creators & Engineers


Startar - Make smart education


Make smart education accessible to everyone.

Smart education is limited to premium schools and parents who can afford quality education. We aim to make it accessible to the masses. Be it a toddler in rural India or an engineering student in Nairobi. We want every student to sail in the same boat of education. Every human has a right to education, and we have a goal to add smartness to their education.


Make the conventional education system engaging.

Books are great, as they had kept all the relevant information in one place. But we believe that 21st-century books are not enough to educate the innovative generation.

We aim to transform the conventional learning methods into engaging ones. And empower educators to leverage the available technologies in the form of games, toys and other educational content.

startar - Make the conventional education system engaging


Enable schools to utilize the true potential of technology

Schools and colleges already claim to use digital content in the form of videos. But the educators are not so tech friendly to fully utilize the smart learning Eco-system. Also, the current systems are not affordable for every institution.
Our goal is to provide smart education in an efficient way so that no technical barriers can stop educators.

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