Augmented Reality

Future of advanced education

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 5 min read

Augmented Reality is the future of advanced education and it will change the way of the study process and open new methods to educate your children. It makes the education system more interactive, children take more interest to learn using this technology.

Ordinary books seem boring and less engaging. Mobile games are engaging but addicting and lead your children into only entertainment. AR technology helps here to make it fun education.

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Why should be Augmented Reality in education :

  • Traditional books are boring and less engaging.
    It’s hard to make them concentrate on their regular books. Learning through a book + mobile app is an interesting and engaging concept.
  • 3D is fun and far better than 2D plane images.
    The content displayed in StarAR app can be viewed from any angle, similar to viewing the world through a camera lens.
  • Traditional books don’t talk. AR does.
    Every page of the book is equally engaging with attractive 3D models and sounds.
  • It gets the job done for a working mom.
    For working parents nowadays it’s hard to pay attention to their kid’s learning activities and keep on the process. We made it simple using StartAR just follow below process
    • Click here to download our App
    • Just open the app,
    • Follow the instruction and Scan the book and enjoy the fun education system.

How Can I get a future of advanced education system for my kid?

We are a leading company working on augmented reality in the education system, which is compatible with the old system, it helps teachers to teach and at home, it works for mom! We have more than 50+ schools that are using our system and getting more and more positive feedback from the school, children, and their parents.

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The StartAR book is a colorful book and designed in respect of future-ready kids.  When you scan it through our mobile app, it delivers a rich 3D experience that your kids will love. Kids love Digital. Instead of planting them in front of a TV screen or video game, give them the StartAR book – and boost your imagination and creativity.

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