Ways to keep your child engaged at home

Written by Sumedha Chattree
Posted on - 5 min read

In educational products modern era, asking a child to be obedient and study regularly is not just it. Grooming a child requires a lot of other activities like mental development, physical fitness, communication skills, and many more. The more the better is a rule which is followed by today’s generation parents & kids. In order to keep up with all the new & upcoming activities, the first step is to be aware of those, and with a busy & hectic schedule of yours, it’s tough to manage & look after the extra development of your child.

Here are Five Educational Products that will help in the growth of your child :

1. StartAR Smartbooks

To give your child the best fun, interactive experience with educational development prospects. This is just the right product for you. With its 3D animations & sound effects, it gives your child an immersive learning experience. It leads them to a world of their own with the Augmented Reality technology inbuilt in it each character gives a live, real-life experience & expands your child’s imagination power & creativity. Studying seems like a tour around the world with enlarged on-screen creatures on your smartphone, concepts have never been so interesting with the improved focus of your child.

Here’s the link to the product.

2. Smartivity 11 in 1 Junior Preschool STEM Learning Kit

Smart activity product.

This product focus on the enhancement of the child’s early development with sensory play. It teaches pattern-solving & improves the creativity of your child. Is the best fit for 2-4 years of age.

Here’s the link to the product.

3. Froggmag “Gond Animals” 36 Pairs Memory Game

Collection of Memory game.

This memory card game improves your child’s memorizing power. An attractive display of characters & words, it enriches their visual memory and they learn a lot of new words & visualizations. This enables them to have an engaging, fun time & also helps with educational products.

Here’s the product link.

4. SGL Shoot Ball Game Set for Kids

SGL Shoot ball game demonstration.

This game will help your child develop a keen interest in sports activities. It will improve your child’s concentration powers & bring out their active side. With the pandemic scenario & hectic lifestyle, parents are mostly unwilling & scared to send their children outdoors to play at such an early age. With this game, your child will get an idea of sports & games and enjoy playing with you or others at home. 

Here’s the product link.

5. Ramayana Games Combo

Ramayana games set.

This card set & book will instill a mythological interest in your child. Learning about the stories of Ramayana will enrich their emotional connection with family & history. This game will add values of respect to your child & also enhance their curiosity & mental skills.

Here’s the link to the product.

Conclusion :-

In order to keep your child engaged & learn new things being at home. These are the perfect pack of things you should focus upon. With this, you can have a brighter, smarter future of your child being tension-free.

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