Dive deep into learning with StartAR General Knowledge-1

StartAR General Knowledge-1 increases kid’s curiosity, and increases knowledge as well and help them learn new things. Water animals, shapes, domestic animals and colors, they are all ready to interact with your kids. Its way too easy for kids to operate a tablet or smartphone, but with the help of StartAR app kids can learn faster. General Knowledge-1 contains Water Animals, Shapes, Domestic Animals and Colors. All you have to do is to buy the StartAR Books, download the Android app for FREE and get started !

Water Animals

Fish, Stingray, Frog, Seahorse, Whale, Tortoise, Crocodile and Squid.


Circle, Oval, Cube, Cylinder, Diamond, Hexagon, Pyramid, Spiral, Sphere, Crescent, Square, Rectangle, Cone, Triangle, Star and Heart.

Domestic Animals

Buffalo, Sheep, Horse, Goat, Cat, Dog, Camel, Pig, Cow and Rabbit.


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Brown, Purple, Black and White.

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