What are the benefits of Augmented Reality in education?

You might be thinking what are the benefits of Augmented Reality in education?
(AR) is a technology that enhances the way we learn by adding virtual elements to our real-world environment. It allows students to see and interact with educational content, such as videos and 3D models, in a more engaging and interactive way. StartAR is a platform that specializes in using AR for education. With our extensive research on AR technology, we found that it’s the best technology to keep kids engaged with books while utilizing the interaction of a smartphone screen.
Globally, parents are dealing with the problem of gadget addiction among their children. StartAR is using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to make traditional education books more interactive and engaging for kids, helping to address this issue. By incorporating AR into physical books, we are utilizing the benefits of Augmented Reality in education and helping to transform early education books for toddlers.

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