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General Knowledge Book for kids Part 1

Make learning engaging and exciting and bring facts to life for the early learners. Explore the world of animals, shapes, etc in this General Knowledge book for kids Part 1. Through captivating content and interactive elements, children embark on an enlightening journey of learning and curiosity with our unique interactive GK Book.
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Why StartAR?

StartAR smartbook is not just another book available in the market. We have done wide research and made sure that the learning is made smarter with our AR books by exploring the newer aspects of learning methodology. Your kids will learn the basics of education SMARTLY with once in a lifetime experience, and you as a parent will also have a command over your kid's learning.

4 years of research
5+ years of
1000+ parents connected
2000+ parents connected
200+ Schools connected
200+ Schools connected
4D learning experience
4D learning experience
Made in India
Made in India
Made for world
Supports traditional learning

What's Included in StartAR Smartbooks Pack

StartAR is one of the best books for kids that creates a learning bridge between kids and books through a mobile platform that uses augmented reality. It is a smart education platform for Kids where the child can learn by playing.

7 Amazing Books

StartAR Smart Book pack contains Alphabets, Hindi Varnmala, Counting, Fruits Vegetables. Coloring and General knowledge Augmented Reality books for kids.

Free Android App

StartAR App comes absolutely free with the smartbooks pack. Just download the app and let the learning begin.

Free Updates

All the StartAR App users will get lifetime free updates without any additional price.

2 Devices License

Our StartAR Smart learning app can be run simultaneously on 2 smartphones.

StartAR smartbooks with free mobile application

How it works?

Using StartAR app is as simple as 123.

1. Download the App
Get the free app from the Google Play Store to get started.

2. Register and activate the books
Signup and activate the books by scanning the QR codes.

Startar augmented reality learning platform

3. Scan and Enjoy
Open the book and select the same book, scan and enjoy.


What makes StartAR the best learning platform

3D Objects

Realistic sounds

Works offline


Works on any Smartphone


Lifetime free updates

Includes physical books

Interactive learning

Learn while playing

StartAR smartbooks makes learning fun and keeps the gadget addiction away from kids

Startar provides Addiction free learning

Addiction free learning

We have special curated and relevant content for your kids unlike other platforms which have endless data and lead kids to addiction.

No in app purchases

No in app purchases

We will not trick you to buy anything else then the book itself. StartAR app is free to use and it gives an ad-free learning experience to your kids.

Best Augmented Reality Book Manufacturers

Develops creativity

When they use StartAR books they will get curious by looking at the realistic animations in the StartAR Smart Learning app. It would help them boost creativity.

StartAR Impact

It is said the more you see, the more you learn. The more you learn the more you grow. But in today’s digital era, with mobile phones in every kid’s hand, traditional learning has taken a back seat. With continuous recommendations and advertisements on online platforms, the kids get distracted easily and a vicious cycle of binge-watching is enabled resulting in increased screen time. Excess screen time disturbs the sleep cycle, concentration power, mental and physical health as well.

With StartAR Smart Learning  we connect kids with physical books while providing them an immersive digital experience.

Free StartAR app

When you purchase the StartAR Smartbooks, you’ll receive free lifetime access to the StartAR Smart Learning App. Simply activate your books through a one-time registration, and you’ll be able to download the app on any smartphone. We regularly update our digital content for free, so download the app and start learning today.

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Inside the Book

  1. The book has 25 printed pages
  2. Domestic animals name with pitchers based on augmented reality
  3. Water animals with their pitchers based on augmented reality
  4. Shapes Name using different objects
  5. Basic Colours Name
  6. A free app is available with the book


Ignite Young Minds with StartAR interactive General Knowledge Part-1: A Captivating Journey into Learning!

Introducing the perfect companion for young learners – StartAR interactive General Knowledge Book Part-1. Dive into a world of discovery where knowledge comes to life through engaging content tailored for kids. This extraordinary book is designed to introduce your child to a fascinating array of topics, including Water Animals, Pet Animals, Colors, Shapes, and so much more.
With each turn of the page, young minds will be enchanted by a wealth of information presented in an engaging and easily comprehensible manner. From the depths of oceans to the companionship of beloved pets, from the spectrum of colours to the captivating world of shapes, this book delivers a rich tapestry of learning experiences.

What distinguishes StartAR General Knowledge Book Part-1, is its flawless incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Witness the magic as static images on the pages spring to life, transforming into captivating interactive 3D experiences. Delve into the watery habitats of aquatic creatures, virtually interact with adorable pet animals, explore the vibrancy of colours, and unravel the mysteries of shapes – all through the captivating lens of AR.

Empower your child’s thirst for knowledge and nurture their inquisitiveness with this innovative learning tool. StartAR General Knowledge Part-1 isn’t just a book; it’s a gateway to a world of exploration and understanding, where young learners can delve into diverse subjects and broaden their horizons.


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